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In cooperation with our architecture and civil engineering office K and N Architects and Civil Engineers(, you will be completely respectable and qualified informed.    

---*** Since 2005 ***---

You need a planning for your new bought property, a change of usage occurs and you simply need an application in order to get a building permit ?

- Architectural planning
- Consulting for the investor
- Planning applications/building permit applications
- All kind of drawings
- Calculations of statics

are our work and experience and if wished, you get all works completely through our office.

And all about building physics is also our outstanding field:
- Fire safety drafts
- Energy I.D.s
- Thermal imaging

Or even before you buy a real estate, you need a valuation, an assessment and estimation of the value ?

Then we are again the right one for you with an
- Estimation of the market value
- Expert